Book Review: "Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road" ~ Neil Peart

Posted by prla1983 on August 20, 2006 • 0 commentsEmail This Post

"Ghost Rider" is a fantastic book about travelling in many different ways, both literally and mentally. Neil Peart, legendary drummer of the Canadian progressive rock trio Rush, had to endure the terrible loss of both daughter and wife over a period of 10 months and this book is the very process of healing told in the first person.

This was my first Neil Peart book and I loved his prose style. Descriptive, yet it doesn't drag. An easy read and if you like stories about travelling, you'll love this one as Neil tells of his ramblings across North America (Canada and USA including Alaska) and Mexico. He's also a very gifted letter writer and his process of healing included writing a lot of letters to close friends over solitary dinners at roadside restaurants and motels. It's true the book can be a bit boring in some brief passages but even those I felt were very important to Neil on overcoming his personal tragedies. And the rest more than makes up for those.

A great book from a fantastic person. If you like travelling, especially on motorcycle, and even if you've never heard of Rush before, you'll certainly enjoy this one both as travellogue and an insightful narrative of healing the deepest of wounds. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the other books by Neil.


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