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Posted by prla1983 on September 02, 2005 • 0 commentsEmail This Post

Lately I've been pretty much listening to Opeth, Riverside and Symphony X.

I've already written much about Opeth here lately but I'd like to point out that their new opus, "Ghost Reveries", has oficially hit the stores, so be sure to grab your copy while it's hot. I haven't had the time to check out some reviews now that it finally got released but I'm sure they're very positive. This is a very good album from a very good band. Nothing to go wrong here.

Riverside haven't ceased to amaze me since I got to know them about a year ago, even if they haven't released anything beyond their first LP and one related EP. "Out of Myself" (of which I wrote a review you can read here) has got to be one of the strongest debut albums I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. The follow-up, "Second Life Syndrome", is scheduled for release on October 31st through Inside Out. If it lives up to its predecessor then it's the confirmation we have one huge progressive band coming out of Poland. If you haven't checked these guys out, I strongly encourage you to do so!

Finally, a quick note to Symphony X who have been on the road in America for the past month taking part on the Gigantour summer package. While it is awesome for them to get all this exposure, it's a pity at the same time that they only get second stage and about 25 minutes to perform each day. They must be one of the most underrated bands in metal today. Their new album is rumoured to be in the works and tentatively scheduled for release sometime early next year. I sure hope they tour Europe to support it and that they stop by close enough to me. It'd be a thrill to catch these guys live.


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