Favourite Albums of 2005

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Yes, I shamelessly jumped in the bandwagon and I'm writing a few lines about my favourite albums this year. This type of stuff has some strange attraction to it and afterall what's one more thread in the middle of another 20398420398.

On a short introductory note, let me state that I believe this was a great year for metal in particular and a lot of great albums showed up. I hate all the pessimism, so let me state loud and clear that _this year was GOOD_.

Good 2005. Good.

So here's my list with a few notes on each entry.

N. HYPNOTIZE - System of a Down
I've never really gotten much into these guys but 2005 has brought a new perspective upon them for me. I guess I just understood their motivation and where they are coming from. I started to listen to their music with different ears and there's one word that for me describes it: fun. So, for how amusing, laid back and groovy this album is, it features in my top. For what it's worth anyway. Also, Serj has unbelievably cool vocals. That's a big plus. So they get the honorable mention.

Simply put, the most underrated prog band out there comes from Poland and is called Riverside. Following their stupefying debut last year, "Second Life Syndrome" is 70s prog-rock modernized and at its best. Check this one out, you won't regret it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

4. DEADWING - Porcupine Tree
I've gotten into PT with "In Absentia" which is an amazing album. 2005 brought the much awaited for "Deadwing" and they didn't disappoint at all. I think it's absolutely brilliant from start to finish and having Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt featuring is great. Steven Wilson is one of the most profilic musicians out there and "Deadwing" shows all his inventiveness and perfect arrangements. The songs "Open Car" and "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here" are beautiful beyond words, in my book.

3. OCTAVARIUM - Dream Theater
After the brutal "Train of Thought", DT got back to their more progressive roots with a strong nod to the mainstream aswell as some radio-friendliness. Not that it hurts, but overall, as much as I love DT, I don't currently think it is on par with most of their previous output. On the other hand, the 24-minute epic is worth this spot all by itself. It may seem like I don't like 8V that much, but the fact is I do and I feel it is still better than 90% of what I listen. Highlights for me are the third installment of the AA saga, "The Root of All Evil", "These Walls", "Never Enough" and of course "Octavarium". Who am I kidding? This album rocks!

I had an incredibly hard time deciding where to fit Opeth's latest, but ultimately i decided to leave the top spot to somebody else. Opeth don't surprise me anymore. They are so consistently great, it's just not funny. "Ghost Reveries" is a powerhouse of a record, mixing the usual heavy and mellow elements in a such a great way that all I can say is for you to run out and get it if you didn't already. Yes, even if you're a Britney Spears fan (god, I never thought I'd have a connection to her in my journal here. Well, live and learn right?).

I already loved "Dead Heart in a Dead World" on end, but the new record is just incredible. From the fantastic and timely solos of Jeff Loomis, to the amazing drumming of Van Williams, going through the improved vocals of Warrel Dane, "This Godless Endeavor" is heavy, industrial, melodic and most of all relentless. This one must get my top spot.


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