Grow Up, Will Ya?

Posted by prla1983 on October 05, 2007 • 1 commentsEmail This Post

I've been around for over 24 years now. Put that way I notice it is almost a quarter of a century. It's been an... interesting ride so far and I can't really complain much. But one thing I've been noticing is that I have trouble feeling exactly how old I am.

I've always been the type that gets along much easier with older people than people my own age. Back when I was 8, I remember my best friends were 16 and 13. When I got into university (already under aged for reasons that I will not get into right now) I was 17 and bonded instantly with the guys that were 20 and over. Over time, the weak links I had with those in my year became fewer to the point that there's simply no one my age I deal with on a daily basis. All my house mates up to this point were older than me, usually by a couple of years.

So when I was, let's say, 14, if I got in contact with someone 24, I'd regard him or her as a fully grown adult. I mean, wow, at 24 these guys must have seen everything and there's probably few secrets still out there for them to uncover. Now that I find myself being 24, I feel like I'm really 18. Now that I'm among the older guys at university - not to mention I shouldn't be there by now - I look at all the other people, especially the ones that just got in and are 18 in their majority... and I feel like I'm just one of them. By now, whoever is reading this is probably thinking "yeah well, what's your fucking point anyway?" and I applaud whoever thinks that because I'm pondering over the exact same thing.

But in any case, this brings another question. When is the inflexion point? When will I suddenly start feeling older than I really am? Will that ever happen? Or will I just be hoping I was younger but feel exactly my age? Hold your blue pill jokes for a moment there, please.

One thing is obvious, though. Girls are developing much faster and much earlier these days. Or was I simply too busy playing Championship Manager, Command & Conquer, playing soccer and listening to all those Offspring and Nirvana records?


Blogger Pedro said...

I kind of know what you mean.. although i've stopped being around older friends in my 11th grade, to be with really younger crowd. And since then i've completly lost track of mental & physical age.

For what i can observe, it's the 30's. onde we get to 30 apparently our body colapses in tiredness & constant headaches.

GL for this last year @ univ.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 6:09:00 pm  

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