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Posted by prla1983 on April 24, 2008 • 0 commentsEmail This Post

So, a lot has happened since I last posted a proper entry - something that goes back to... let's see... October 2007, about half a year ago. I've gotten into another band and I've fallen out of it, I've ceased writing music reviews for, I got into a day job and I'm about to leave it for another... well, it's a state of constant motion, as Mike would put it.

Admittedly, I'm a little rusty on this writing thing. I've always toyed with the idea of writing consistently, even if briefly, every single day, in order to keep somewhat of a life log, something I could refer to later that would help me put together the pieces of my past. We tend to keep only the strongest memories, the proverbial "big picture", of what has happened to us in the past and the little details obviously tend to be forgotten. Writing some notes every day would help me, I thought, to keep those little details alive somewhere so I could come back to them later and better remember whatever I've been through. Problem is, there's simply no consistency to write that regularly on my part. Is that a problem though?

All questions and no answers, as is usually the case with me. Anyway, it doesn't really matter right now. To get my dear readers, all two of them, up to speed on what I'm up to lately, suffice to say I'm working for a software company during the day, while trying to create my own startup with two other people at night and whenever time allows. As for the former, I'd rather not disclose who I'm working for as I'm leaving soon anyway and as for the latter, we have a small web presence as of now in the form of Other than that, I'm also trying to finish my CS degree, of which only Mathematical Analysis II remains and I'm halfway through the semester, hoping it's for real this time and that come summertime I will be a graduate. Finally, I'm also getting deeper into my masters thesis (MSc) which concerns itself with constraint logic programming. More on that later.

Progress on all these fronts will, I hope, be recorded on this blog from now on. Of all these tasks, maybe the most interesting stuff lies in that entrepreneurship bit, what with starting my own company and all, and I initially thought about creating a new blog simply about the experience of trying to bootstrap my own startup, failures, successes and all that jazz. Ultimately decided against it and whatever I have to say about it will be written here instead.

Enough out of me for me, better get back to work.


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