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I've been willing to write here for days but I just couldn't find a way to start...
Now I don't have that problem, I am already writing.

I would like to thank PRLA for the invitation. I will try to do my best to stay on the editorial line of this blog, even if it doesn't have one (which appears to be case).
Due to censorship I am not authorized to discuss some issues of international politics at my will (so much for the free speech) but I will touch those topics from time to time.

So lets start with some Olympic matters. As most of the inhabitants of the planet know, the Olympic Games will take place in China this year and 1/5 of the world is worried about Human Rights issues in that country (2/5 are busy with their own problems: hunger, war, civil unrest, dictators, etc; 1/5 does not care about that and the rest of the people are Chinese).

It is indeed nice these days to be pro-Tibet and say Dalai Lama is a nice dude, a bald laughter like no other. So we have to fight China for they employ little children, exploit their workers, limit freedoms and conquered Tibet. That is all true but let's not lose the bigger picture.

Such places (I wouldn't say countries, regions, etc for most of the people of an oppressed country are victims) exist all over the world and this is a global fight, one much more important than fighting terrorism (which by the way is a subjective term - we will discuss that later - and is invisible - no one is a terrorist until he/she spreads terror).

The struggle against hunger, war, oppression, exploitation must be taken in a global scale. And economic sanctions are not solution. You can't also "bomb" countries with food - that's not help; that's hypocrisy in cereal boxes. Most of the world needs know-how and that kind of help is not a task for ONG's or for common citizens. A new kind of United Nations has to make it's appearance in the world.

Of course China is the most visible case of HR violations right now and thus every western citizen waits to see China failing. That will not happen from China's perspective; that will surely happen from Europe / US perspective. The problem is that the US are scared - China WILL become the next superpower; the world will no longer be ruled by one nation. Europeans are simply jealous - over the last 60 years they watched the rise of US, USSR, Russia post-91, India, China, etc. And EU still is discussing internal matters and will be forever. The bigger it gets (27 and counting) the harder it will be to have a one voiced supra-national entity that is a world player and with worldwide respect.

So the story about China is this - the rise of a new giant. As Tom Clancy is changing it's novels (the red threath is now China, not Russia) the politicians at Capitol Hill are changing their focus too.

And so do we, carried on by the media.

PS - we came to the strange situation of Europeans wanting independence for Tibet, something that not even Dalai Lama wants...

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