Zealot? Realist!

Posted by prla1983 on January 22, 2007 • 0 commentsEmail This Post

As far as I'm concerned, Rui Carmo, over at The Tao of Mac, has pretty much clarified a question and in fact defined something which had eluded me for quite some time (and honestly seems to keep eluding a lot of people, particularly in, but not exclusive to, the IT industry):
There's a lot of noise about Vista. Here's my take: I want to use it. It would be irresponsible of me not try out, partially live in and try to understand something that will shape a lot of people's computing experience from now on, regardless of my personal preferences (that, my friends, is the difference between zealotry and reality).
Bull's eye. Indeed the difference between zealotry and reality.


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