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I will spare you the story of the nuclear bomb. We all have in mind that in 1945 this kind of device was used for the first and last time (two bombs of different kinds, one target country, one aggressor).

Since then more and more countries developed their own systems: weapons, trigger devices, and security plans to protect inadequate uses of those weapons. Funny thing is with all the money burnt on that research, protection, planning... one has given use to their bombs since that August in 45.

There was a so called cold war between the two countries that had the most powerful nuclear arsenals. The cold war never got hotter for both had retaliation abilities: they could blow their enemy even after being hit.
And that was how nuclear submarines from USA and USSR chased each others vessels, and the top brass from both sides was sleeping with a finger on the trigger.

Yet nothing happened. Enters Afghanistan, John Rambo and stuff - the cold war gets frozen. Instead of building nuclear shelters we all breathe, anxiety is washed away. There are wars but not in Europe; there are enemies but not the big powerful nations; there are bombs but they are stored in underground hangars.


Fact is last week we had a war in Europe and even if it was a small skirmish we can read between the lines and figure what is happening. Cold war is a victim of global warming and is alive again. This time the cold war is brought to you in a more exquisite manner. Wrapped in politeness and democracy.

What's new on the Cold War II / Word War III?
There are more players this time. It is not mighty USA versus an apparently strong USSR like it was in the 80s. This time we have war-exhausted USA, restored Russia, rising China and the rest of the unhappy world. Should we care about Iran having nukes? SURE! But shouldn't we care about USA having them? They were the only country that ever used them and they used it on civilian targets. "USA is responsible, stable democracy" - fine. What about Pakistan?

Pakistan is in political chaos for more than a year now. They do have nukes and they have a lousy security system. What about the word-war between Israel and Iran? We all know that Israel has been training for a possible attack to Iran.
Israel HAS nukes, Iran HAS NOT. Shouldn't we be worried?

Then we have the rest of the nuclear-confirmed countries: France, UK, China, India, North Korea, Israel. Then the ones to whom nukes have been borrowed: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Greece. The ones that had in the past: South Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. And the ones that are suspected to be building nukes: Iran and Syria.

So why are we only worried about Iran and Syria?
You want to make nukes? CANT
You have nukes? THATS OK


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