Another day at the office

Posted by Enolough on August 26, 2008 • 4 commentsEmail This Post


It's 13.25 when I finish the lunch. 35 minutes left - in 35 I will be back at the office.

So what do I do? Sad people wander in the streets like shades; 8 in 10 of the women I see have the manners of a cowboy yet they look less trendy than the Marlboro man.

Both men and women show their best twisted sad faces - these are sensible people that go "I'm so unhappy" just because. If one could ask them they would surely blame the weather - so many people on this part of the world blame the atmosphere for their mood! Sun7heat - tired, sleepy, clouds/rain - unhappy, without motivation. They miss they joy that is watching an ant carrying food for the winter.

The ghostly streets and the cloudy sky make the sad town even worst. The whole world aches inside my stomach...


Bring me the big crowded streets of metropolis; the noise - planes, trains, cars, boat horns, tram bells, words floating from thousands of conversations that pass by with the Doppler effect. Let the colors and confusion of all the stores invade my eyes; let the schedules of the transports be the only limit to the otherwise eternal deambulation.

People jump in and out the doorways, cars wait for the green light like racers on the starting grid. Books lined up on the shelves seem to scream - take me with you - and my debit and credit cards burn from the use...

Over there! I've been here countless times and I never saw this glove store - the is enough room for one costumer only yet they sell to all the world.

Meters ahead there is a man working 24/7. His job being singing "fado", a Portuguese traditional song and a great voice he has. One could swear that there is some microphone and loudspeakers hidden somewhere. The box has coins. Mostly 10 cents of euro - this is the lowest value you can offer without using a bronze-colored coin.


7 minutes to 14.00... The cup of lady Grey tea is now empty. I take a look at the pictures on the magazine before it goes back to the shelf: the city...

6 minutes left and I just realized that the mayor is right here having his coffee too. He didn't noticed my presence - I am as invisible as I like to be.

It is now 14.30 and I press the keys at light speed. The mayor passes on the corridor, I see him through the glass wall. Another day at the office.


Blogger i said...

Humpf... Don't you wish, sometimes, that it wasn't "another day at the office" but a new day at the country, or a new day at a different city, with different faces and different stories? Don't you wish (it all the time)...?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 12:17:00 pm  
Blogger i said...

just to say, I can also write english. Mr.Rawal liked my essays hehe (although, I have to say, my computer helped...)

(in spanish they write "jejeje")

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 12:29:00 pm  
Blogger Enolough said...

one step at the time my dear "i";

town, city, country, planet

[yes I do wish I could leave whenever I want]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 12:34:00 pm  
Blogger Katrin said...

Everywhere around the world people seem to blame the weather for their sadness/unhappiness. Anything that goes wrong can be due to the weather but shouldnt the happiness come from inside regardless of the sun, rain, storm, wind, etc.
But it was a great story, I enjoyed it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008 11:08:00 am  

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