The Offspring: Prologue

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I've got about 2500 music albums. As of today, my main iTunes Library claims to house 1774 albums from 876 different artists. That adds up to 20666 songs, which would take me no less than 66 consecutive days, no stops, to listen in their entirety. Every day I learn about different bands, every day I download new stuff I never even remotely heard of and often I go out on a rampage and buy a lot of CDs at different stores. I got a couple of iPods (one of them is dead) and recently I've acquired an iPhone which also acts as an iPod in its own right. I listen to music while I'm at home, I listen to music at work on my laptop and I listen to music every minute I'm inside my car, wherever I may roam. I've attended dozens of great live shows, most of which I have fond memories of, others which sucked on end. It's been like this for about 15 years and I'm proud to be a true music lover (because I am), regardless of my shortcomings. I have a few favorite bands and don't even get me started on the amazing people I've gotten to know and cherish a friendship with, thanks to the music.

And that all got started back in day with three bands, all of which I still love with a huge passion after all these years. I often joke that music lovers should be like sponges in that they absorb whatever they get to know without the need to purge what came before. "I don't listen to insert genre or band here anymore, that's for kids" is something only a dumbfuck would utter. So, whatever people might say forgetting that music is all subjective, I kinda wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Nirvana, Green Day and The Offspring. I would simply be a different person that the one who's writing this post right now. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

The Offspring - and music in general - came into my life through a close friend back when "Smash" came out, so that would be about 1994. I listened to that record like there would be no tomorrow and then I found out about "Ignition" and the self-titled debut album. Soon they came up with a new album, "Ixnay on the Hombre" which had a few songs that really kicked me into high gear though I began to understand they were going in a different, poppier direction. I kept avidly listening to every The Offspring album that would come out, "Americana", "Conspiracy Of One" and I culminated almost a decade of fandom seeing them live in Lisbon back in 2001. One mofo of a show, if you ask me, with all the classics being played.

Anyway, I've recently been going through a massive Offspring overdose, with almost 400 plays in a single week so I thought the time is as good as any to write about one of my favorite bands. Listening to the entire discography, I've understood that I love every album in a certain way and each of them evoke a different period of my life. With that in mind, in the coming weeks I'll be posting a small article on each of their albums, as a kind of homage.

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Blogger Enolough said...

First time I heard of this guy it was in the late hours of a very strange night, a few meters from the sand, Santa Cruz beach, PT.

The I was, arguing (it was common practice that year) with my ex-girlfriend. Later in the night she would slap me in the face (I'm ok with that) and throuw my favorite hat (a black australian Akubra) to the sand. (that pissed me off)

So a common "friend" interrupts the arguing when it was still cold to say that Paulo was there to talk about drums, music, Mike Portnoy. I couldn't care less... fuckhim I said to myself. Yet we talk shortly.

I am a music lover yet I can't be as opened to everything, can't be the explorer PRLA is and most of all I can't find so many new things (don't have the processing power for that).

But I must confess that most of my most played songs came from his library. And I will be eternally thankful: it changed me as a listener, musician and even as a person.

That is why I don't say "I don't listen to XXXX band or ZZZZ genre" - not anymore.

But here we are on the mirror. On that side there is 500 different songs in a row from 150 different artists; on this side 500 plays would be 100 songs from 5 artists listened over and over again. On that side of the looking glass there is 5 new artists per week; onthis side there is one old-known artist for 5 weeks.

But we get along well. The mirror does not reflect the truth, the copy; the mirror REVEALS the truth and shows new parts of ourselves.

P and P, each on its side of THE MIRROR.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 12:37:00 pm  

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