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Not the Pelican song, rather a bonus extra stemming from a comment to the previous post on Murakami's "After Dark". Considering it was written in Portuguese, I've taken the liberty to translate it as I believe it deserves its own post, knowing beforehand that some of its meaning will be hopelessly lost in translation...

i. writes:

"As far as the underlying subject is concerned, what separates night from day, I think we all feel a distinct difference as how time flows and people move about. However, and I don't want to sound constraining, I'm afraid the absence of light is actually the key factor, the central factor.

Night is almost always a companion. For those who like to go out, it's inebriating, a less constrained territory, less serious, where you're able to extrapolate the rules you have during the day. For those who prefer home, night is a friend of writing, reflection, of reading. Night is, undoubtedly, friend of confession. Friend of unveiled secrets. Sometimes, a treasonous friend."